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Support Brenham Next!

Ways You Can Invest in the Next Generation: Pray, Participate, Provide




  • Use the gift of time to be an encouraging presence!

  • Use the gift of talent to teach and equip!

  • Use your voice of encouragement and truth to empower!



  • That the youth would come to know and love the Lord and His Word.

  • For the youth’s safety: physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • That you and I are humble community leaders.

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  • Provide biblically sound curriculum, material, counselors and mentors.

  • Provide educational, experiential and eye-opening opportunities.

  • Provide healthy meals and snacks options.

  • Provide a safe, diverse location for learning.



Supporting Brenham Next through your gifts & talents within the community:

  • Host a bake sale

  • Sale homemade jewelry

  • Host a car wash

  • Host a dinner at your house


Let us know the idea, details, and locations and we will advertise it on our social media platforms, and will email our supporters about how they can cheer you on and give towards the fun-raising endeavors.

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