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Volunteer / Team Player SOP/ROE


The purpose of this document is to detail the standard operating procedures (SOP) for processing individuals interested in becoming a volunteer or Team Player for Brenham Next. (BN)


Team Players differ from volunteers in that Team Players work directly with our BN children, whereas volunteers do not have direct contact with the children. We must be certain you are willing to take on the responsibility as you decide on filling this application out or not.

Brenham Next Mission

The mission of Brenham Next is to lead the community in the shared responsibility of preparing and empowering the next generation of biblical leaders. We serve children ranging from Kindergarten through 12th grade through summer and after-school programs. 

Brenham Next has three points of service for the children of our community:

  1. JAM: Jesus and Me is a 6-week urban summer day camp serving 180+ students in kindergarten through sixth grade. At JAM, students enjoy academic learning, receive spiritual enrichment, and build leadership skills in a fun, loving environment. Students are mentored by Missionary Counselors, (typically college students) as well as ProJ’s (high school and junior high students who assist Missionary Counselors). In addition to games, athletics, learning activities, Bible lessons, music, and small group discussion time, JAM students participate in regular field trips and service projects. JAM is an immersive experience that makes a life-changing impact on the elementary students who participate and the college, high school, and middle school students who lead them

  2. LEAD: Leadership Education and Discipleship is a pilot program with a primary focus is to equip these students with the resources to serve, learn and build their leadership skills in a safe and loving environment. Participating students will be empowered to become biblically responsible leaders within their community, church, household, schools, and towards their peers. Students will enjoy a nutritious meal and fun group development activities. Each week a community member will be invited to present a leadership topic focused on a leadership characteristic or skill. Brenham Next is hopeful that this new program will provide a safe place where students can seek healthy relationships with their peers, engage in positive, guided conversations and provide an opportunity to build relationships across diverse ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and cultural differences.

  3. BLAST: Brenham Leadership and Spiritual Training is an after-school program that invites students from kindergarten through sixth grade to grow spiritually, academically, and socially.  In addition to group activities, select students also benefit from one-on-one tutoring in subject areas where they have the most need.  


Brenham Next presently serves more than 300 children enrolled in Washington County and the surrounding areas. Brenham Next expects to exceed 500 children by mid-2026. We are SO grateful for you and others all over our county committed to helping us invest in the next generation of Biblical Leaders.

Background Check Process

Interested individuals are provided the Background Check Authorization Form and then once returned, Brenham Next will send a Background Check.

SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Team Players must be understanding, empathetic, and good listeners toward Brenham Next kids.

  • All individuals interested in joining our team MUST pass a background check.

  • There will be no exchange of phone numbers between Brenham Next kids and Team Players.

  • POLICY OF 3 - Any time a child leaves the main group they must be in a small group of 3 with at least one approved Team Player. Brenham Next parents are trusting our supervision and safety of their child. We all need to do our part in keeping the environment safe. If you see something "not right," say something.

  • Even if a child's mom is there, the policy of 3 will be in place. Parents will be made aware of this as well. 

ROEs (Rules of Engagement)
  • Safe Environment: Your language and conversation should be within the boundaries of how you would want someone to speak to your child. You must judge what is appropriate and what is not. 

  • Physical Interaction: Hugs are good, but please try to avoid front hugs. There should be no sitting in laps. This sounds harsh, but the truth is we must put the kids first. It also protects you. 

  • Culture of Honor: We believe in southern hospitality and a culture of honor - from speech to deed, you are a Christ Ambassador. We ask all kids to place a “Mrs.” or “Mr.” in front of all names, and include a “ma’am” or “sir” when answering questions. We speak encouraging words and help guide our kids to speak the same.


After the program, the Executive Director may hold one or more wrap-up meetings with the Team Players and volunteers. Topics of discussion are lessons learned, achievements, new opportunities, and goals for the next program.

The Team Player will be advised of future Team Player opportunities via email, eNewsletters, or by accessing the Brenham Next website.


 Click Here if you have read thoroughly through Brenham Next's SOP/ROE and I agree to adhere to all rules, guidelines, policies, and procedures as a Brenham Next Team Player serving the children within Brenham Next.

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