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Stomp? Step?

You probably have heard JAM kids and parents talk about Step, or you have heard them Step in public, around the house, for hours and hours... 
Let us explain. 

What is Step?

What is Step and Why Do We Step?

At Brenham Next, step is more than just synchronized movement—it's a heartbeat, a shared pulse that brings our diverse community together. It’s a form of storytelling, a way of passing down traditions, and a powerful tool for unifying voices. 


The Essence of Stepping:

Step is a dynamic art form that combines percussive dance movements, rhythmic footwork, clapping, and spoken words. Originating from African American fraternities and sororities, step dancing is a rich cultural expression that communicates strength, unity, and resilience. Each routine tells a story, and each stomp and clap speaks of a past, present, and future tied to communal bonds.


Why We Step:

At Brenham Next, stepping is at the core of what we do because it reflects who we are:

1. Unity in Diversity:
Stepping is a celebration of our diverse population. Our school brings together students from various backgrounds, and through step, we find common ground. It’s a space where every student’s heritage and individuality are honored and respected. Each routine is a choreography of our collective stories, embodying the spirit of unity.

2. Cultural Connection:
Step serves as a bridge connecting our students to a rich cultural history. It’s a way for them to engage with traditions that might otherwise feel distant, allowing them to appreciate and carry forward the legacies of those who came before them. This connection fuels their pride and sense of belonging.

3. Character and Leadership Development:
Stepping demands discipline, teamwork, and leadership. Our students learn to rely on each other, to lead with confidence, and to perform under pressure. These skills transcend the dance floor, equipping them to succeed in various aspects of their lives. Through step, we are cultivating tomorrow's leaders.

4. Building Community:
Step is a communal activity. It’s not just about the performers but also about the audience—the parents, peers, and community members who come together to witness and celebrate. By involving our community in our routines and competitions, we’re fostering a culture of support and collective joy.


Why Step Matters to Brenham Next:

  • Empowerment through Expression: For our students, stepping is an empowering experience. It provides them with a platform to express themselves boldly and creatively.

  • Building Relationships: Each step team becomes a family. The shared experiences forge strong bonds among students, creating lifelong friendships and a strong support network.

  • Community Engagement: Our step competitions are not just school events; they’re community celebrations. We invite local residents to come, watch, and even judge our weekly competitions, making them a part of our vibrant tradition.

  • Showcase of Talent: We aim to be ambassadors of step within our community. By also performing at local events, parades, and celebrations, we proudly showcase our students' talents and the rich culture of step.


Join Us in Our Journey:

We invite you to be part of this incredible journey. Let your child experience the joy, discipline, and profound connection that step provides. Encourage local organizations to bring our step team to their events, and witness the electrifying performances that leave a lasting impact.

At Brenham Next, stepping isn’t just an activity—it’s a tradition, an honor, and a legacy. Together, through the rhythm of our steps, we’re building stronger individuals, a unified community, and a brighter future. Come, watch, participate, and be inspired by the power of step.


Want our students to Step Off at a parade or event, let us know!


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